We believe that a professional dance education provides children and students of all ages much more then just a dance skill, but tools that can last them a lifetime. Every Peconic Ballet Theatre class is enriched with the four basic pillars below.  

  • CONFIDANCE:  It’s important that every child believes in the power of him/her.  Through practice and performance they build a high level of self worth through the achievements and accomplishments set in class and on stage.  Children are praised for effort, practice and dedication.  

  • RESILIENCY:  Without saying, dance is a strict discipline.   Just because the training at times can be rigorous, it is the training itself that teaches resiliency. Through dance they learn to set achievable goals and begin to understand that over time, through hard work and dedication, he/she can achieve their goals and learn through the bumps along the way.   

  • INDIVIDUALISM:  PBT fully believes that every child beats to his/her own drum and should continue to be unique.  There are dance paths for everyone and we encourage children to be who they were born to be.  They can focus on ballet classes, or mix it up with a range of dance styles from Hip Hop, Jazz to Tap.  

  • CREATIVITY:  Through dance, children grow an appreciation for the arts on all kinds of levels.  From music, to movement, to art and design, Peconic Ballet Theatre provides children with a proper and professional dance education that encompasses all fields of art for children to explore.