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Every Peconic Ballet Theatre class is enriched with the four basic pillars:  

  • CONFIDENCE:  Through practice and performance they build a high level of self worth through the achievements and accomplishments set in class and on stage.  Children are praised for effort, practice and dedication.  

  • RESILIENCY:   It is the training itself that teaches resiliency. Through dance, they learn to set achievable goals and begin to understand that over time, through hard work and dedication, he/she can achieve their goals.

  • INDIVIDUALISM:  PBT fully believes that every child beats to his/her own drum and should continue to be unique.  There are dance paths for everyone and we encourage children to be who they were born to be. 

  • CREATIVITY:   Children grow an appreciation for the arts. PBT provides children with a proper and professional dance education that encompasses all fields of art for children to explore.  

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