1. We ask parents to advise the studio immediately if anyone in their family has been exposed or contracted COVID-19. Please text, call or email. 

  2. Students who are exposed to someone with COVID-19 will be required to quarantine for 14 days from the day they were last exposed. Students can ZOOM into the class. 

  3. If a student is living with someone who has COVID-19, and he/she is negative, he/she must quarantine for 14 days from the last day of exposure from that person. He/she must supply PBT with a negative test result upon returning to in-studio classes. While quarantining, the student can ZOOM into classes. 

  4. Students who have been placed in quarantine from their school will be required to quarantine for 14 days from the day their school quarantine began. SIBLINGS of that dancer will also have to quarantine for five days and supply PBT with a negative COVID-19 test result that was taken five days AFTER their quarantine before returning back to class. 

  5. Students who travel outside of New York will be asked to quarantine for 14 days or provide a negative test result AFTER 5 days of quarantine. 

  6. If a student tests positive for COVID-19, the student must quarantine for a minimum of 14 days.  After the 14 days, he/she must supply PBT with a negative test result upon returning to in-studio classes. Until the student receives a negative test result, and he/she is willing and able to dance, they can ZOOM into class. 



  1. All classes are limited to 12 students per class.
  2. 6 students will be in Studio A.

  3. 6 students will be in Studio B.

  4. Each week they will alternate from “Studio A” and “Studio B”

  5. The same class will be held in “Studio A” as it is in “Studio B

  6. The class in “Studio A” will be streamed to “Studio B”

  7. There’s a Teacher in “Studio A” and a Teacher’s Assistant in “Studio B” to ensure social distancing.   

  8. There are two TV's in “Studio B” (properly hung on the wall)

  9. There is one TV in Studio A (hung on the wall as well) so that the teacher can see EVERY SINGLE student in “Studio B.”

  10. There will be a Teacher's Assistant in Studio B to ensure social distancing at all times.

  11. All classroom floors are marked to manage social distancing. 

  12. Each student will be assigned a “letter” and a “number” for each class. 

  13. They will be able to find their “letter” and “number” on their google classroom. 

  14. That number will be their assigned dancing box, and the letter will pinpoint which week they will be in “Studio A” and/or “Studio B”.

  15. Teachers will clean the classrooms in between each class. 5 minutes are scheduled in between each class. Each class will start and end on time. 


  1. All teachers and students are required to wear masks.  
  2. We suggest that students keep multiple masks in their dance bag so that they can change masks in between classes, if necessary, for sanitary purposes.


  1. All students will be dropped off in the front of the building. 
  2. Parents will not be permitted inside the studio to watch or wait for their dancer.

  3. We will take each student's temperature upon their arrival.  Students with a fever will be sent home.

  4. Students will be given hand sanitizer upon their arrival. 

  5. Students will be dismissed as a class and escorted by an adult. 

  6. Parents will pick up their dancer in the back of the building. 

  7. It is important that you are on time to pick your child up.



  1. Students will have assigned spots, either in the dressing room or lobby, where they will wait before entering the classroom
  2. When asked to enter the classroom, students will take all of their belongings and put them in a bin in the classroom. 

  3. Lobby and dressing rooms will be cleaned between classes for the next students arriving.


  1. The water-cooler will not be permitted for student use.  
  2. Please be sure to pack your dancer with enough water for the duration of his/her class time.

  3. One bathroom will be assigned for the teachers and the other bathroom will be for the students. 

White color chalk hand drawing in exclam


  1. Please keep your child home if they are sick, have or had fever in the last 48 hours, and/or if anyone is sick at home.  We will send anyone home who doesn’t feel well. 
  2. Please alert Peconic Ballet Theatre as soon as possible if anyone in your household is diagnosed with COVID-19.