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Students must wear dance leotard that is color specific to level. Uniforms must be purchased through Allegro Dancewear. 


Pink Ballet Slippers for Ballet 

No shoes for Contemporary

Hair in a pulled back bun for both classes 

  Black Wrap Skirts are permitted for Ballet levels 4 and 5. Must be ordered from Allegro Dancewear

Black shorts are permitted in Contemporary classes. Must be ordered from Allegro Dancewear 

Shrugs are permitted during cold weather


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Dress Code
Ballet and Contemporary
Uniform Colors


Primary Ballet: Light Blue

Ballet One: Light Pink

Ballet Two: Violette

Ballet Three: Periwinkle

Ballet Four: Ultra Violet

Ballet Five: Cobalt Violet

Primary Pre-Apprentice: Raspberry

Int. Pre-Apprentice: Perfect Plum

Adv. Pre-Apprentice: Perfect Plum

Apprentice:  Navy

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Dress Code
Jazz, Tap, Hip Hop

Any style or color dance leotard for Jazz and Tap.

Pink tights for Jazz and Tap

Black Jazz shorts can be worn for Jazz and Tap, but must be ordered from Allegro Dancewear. 

Students can wear leggings and a T-shirt or Leotard and shorts for Hip Hop. 

Hair in a pulled back pony tail or bun for Jazz, Tap and/or Hip Hop 


Black and White Converse shoes

for Hip Hop

Black Jazz shoes for Jazz 

 Black Tap shoes for Tap

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